Harnessing new power to #shiftthepower

How can we enable New Power to be an integral part of finding solutions with the most marginalised and vulnerable? In the face of the global COVID-19 crisis, we can see the drive and motivation of governments, civil society, and healthcare providers but also the disconnect between the way they organise themselves to support the […]

I am excited about the new decade. Are you?

I believe that we are only at the beginning of a technological revolution globally. Similar in scale and impact as the first industrial revolution, where over a few decades it resulted in changing the way and places we lived, what sort of work we did, how we socialised with each other and who had power.┬áIt […]

Call for Loop Board Members

Loop aims to enable the participation revolution in the humanitarian and development sector. Our Vision is for People in need around the world to have a say in the services they receive so that the services are more timely, appropriate and of higher quality, thus attracting increased funding. Our Mission is to enable people to […]