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About Us

A small global team with wildly ambitious goals.

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Our Story

Loop was born out of operational frustrations and an optimism that change can happen. We use technology that is already developed to help drive the participation revolution and reach our wildly ambitious goal of: A global platform that is driving social change and increasing dignity and understanding worldwide, with 10 million hits a year, that is free and 100% self-sustainable.

We are a young charity, registered in 2020, with a global dispersed team. With this virtual team and global focus, the location and registration of Loop could have been anywhere in the world. We decided to register Loop in The Hague, the 'City of Peace and Justice', within the European Union and recognised as meeting global requirements with regards to financial accounting and legal equivalency.

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Governing Board Members

Loop is lead by and accountable to, a Governing Board of professionals who have lived experience and come from, and understand, the needs of vulnerable and marginalised communities.
Geoffrey Kateregga
Governing Board President
Marcia Alarcón
Governing Board Member, SEAH focal point.
Salama Bakhalah
Governing Board Member
Adeline Sibanda
Governing Board Member
Tey El-Rujla
Governing Board Member

Advisory Board Members

Loop is supported by a non-decision making Advisory Board of people who represent key stakeholders in the sector. People who will help to integrate the initiative and commit to actively support it.
Kimberly Gire
Founder, Global Women Leaders Strategic Philanthropy
Sorcha O’Callaghan
Director, Humanitarian Policy Group
Tanya Wood
Director, CHS Alliance
Elise Ford
Humanity United Foundation
Rachel Maher
UN Inter Agency Standing Committee and OCHA
Alexandra Sicotte-Levesque
International Federation of the Red Cross
Degan Ali
Founder, NEAR Network & Executive Director, ADESO
Christina Bennett
CEO, Start Network


Our dedicated staff work to ensure Loop is meeting the strategic goals set out together with the Governing and Advisory Boards and based on feedback from local populations and other stakeholders.