The Loop platform features

Send feedback

when there is connectivity

Text messages

following a digital cash distribution, to request feedback

Free messaging systems

WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook Lite...


Website in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.


of reply to your message

Voice to text

on how many people read, liked or responded to feedback.

Loop is a tool to support broader engagement with people

to improve lives and change behavior at scale


Loop is free to affected populations and service providers.

We are funded by

Digital advertising income

as part of the commitment to the Grand Bargain Participation Revolution and IASC RG2

Deeper Analytic Fees

Our next steps..

Will you help us #shiftthepower ?

Global Platform

for anyone anywhere to self-initiate feedback on Aid they receive (100 million visitors a year)

Drive change to the Global Aid Sector

led by affected populations at the scale and flexibility of #metoo

Free to use

for all

If you are interested in becoming involved, or can assist in any way, please get in touch.

How we answer the nay sayers

'People who receive Aid are not used to giving feedback'


Loop believes that everyone has an opinion about the support and services that they receive. It is our constant endeavour to find ways for them to feel confident and be able to share this in a safe, meaningful, and transparent manner, so that it informs and affects positive social change.

'People receiving Aid don't always have access to technology or to the internet'

6 of the 7 billion global population have access to phones. 2.7 billion of these are smart phones. 90% of the global population is likely to have access to a phone by 2022. In comparison 4.5 billion people have access to working toilets.It will be important to ensure women, people in rural areas, people with disabilities, LGBQ communities, the most poor and other marginalised groups, will be able to give safe honest feedback.