The Loop Business Model

Loop business model

The underlying design principle is that Loop is as accessible as possible and therefore needs to be free to affected populations and to service providers. Loop needs to act as a neutral organisation to ensure that all feedback is independent.

Once the platform is up and running at scale, Loop would move to the following mixed income streams:
Income from paid advertising. A subsidiary organisation to the Charity would be set up to manage digital advertising on the Loop website and to channel all profits back to Loop’s ongoing functioning and development to reach more people. If and how long, it will take to get to this scale is unknown but expected to be six years.

Fee for analytics (two tier approach: basic data shown and open to all, more detailed specific analysis available at a fee)

Donations or volunteering from companies who have the relevant technology and experience and see value in the partnership.

Other income streams may become evident.

Current Financing

Loop is currently looking for investment to build the infrastructure in a way for it to be scaled. These will be donors wanting to be on the right side of history and at the front end of impactful approaches to really improve participation, shift the power, increase accountability and enable the use of New Power approaches in the sector.

Loop is extremely thankful to Humanity United without whom Loop would not be a reality.