Share, read & engage with people's experiences of local services

Loop enables people receiving humanitarian or development aid to shape the type and quality of services that are funded and delivered.


Live in The Philippines and Zambia

A screenshot of the Loop platform on a laptop computer
A screenshot of the Loop platform on a laptop computer

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Share your feedback

We believe that everyone has an opinion about the humanitarian and development activities in their community, and that everyone is an active agent of change.

Loop provides a safe, free, and independent channel for people to share their views and engage with others.

Loop is available in multiple languages and through SMS, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, USSD, or via our website.

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Read, learn, and respond to feedback

Be the change you want to see by reading, learning from, and engaging with, people's feedback through the Loop platform to inform decisions and improve services. Find the stories that matter most to you by searching and filtering for stories by location, organisation, thematic area, or demographic.

Actively promote the use of Loop among the communities and 'beneficiaries' that you work with, as a free open feedback mechanism but also a confidential complaints and Sexual Exploitation and Abuse reporting channel.

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Be accountable and create the intended impact

Just as businesses need customer feedback, aid organisations need to engage with the views of people affected by crises, to respect people's dignity and agency. Feedback also ensures more relevant, and sustainable services, as well as creating a more people-centred, and equitable, aid sector.

The data generated through Loop can be used as part of organisational reporting and ongoing independent accountability mechanisms.

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Loop is a Digital Platform

Designed in partnership with people-affected by crises, and networks of local, civil society organisations.
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For anyone to initiate feedback
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From anywhere they want
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At any time
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On what is important to them
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Without having to be asked
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On any device they can access
Raised in the first six months
Civil society organisations supporting the Loop pilot
Countries piloting Loop, Zambia and The Philippines

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What Others Are Saying About Loop

We're always listening to feedback!
Profile photo of Mohammed Abubakar Almoallim, Programme Officer at The Mayar Foundation for Development, Yemen
A great effort, Loop will bring a light to the world, and will create a future where all vulnerable people have a chance to speak up for their rights.
Mohammed Moallim
Programme Officer, Mayar Foundation for Development, Yemen
Profile image of a woman
This is the way of the future! It's a necessity. Why does it not exist already?
Profile image of an man
It could be the entry point for the real change we are all dreaming of. And we are in need of such innovative initiatives in our countries.
United Nations

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