How to use Loop

How do I start using Loop?

To start using Loop you:

  1. Go to, and:
  2. Write your own story to share.
  3. Browse others stories, filter by things that interest you, respond, upvote and encourage others who might be able to reply/ help/ share something important to also sign up and get involved.
  4. Register yourself on the site by sharing your: name, contact details and organisation (if relevant). You will then be notified of any conversations you are tagged on or any activity in your conversation thread.In the future you will also get a profile page to organise your feedback and set up weekly bulletins about subject areas that interest you.
  5. Follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to be updated as we build out new features or start in new countries.
  6. Share our twitter, facebook and website with others who may be interested.


If you want to use Loop in your context or organisation see who else is interested and then reach out to us at

If you are already in an area we are operating then talk about Loop to your friends, community and colleagues and see how you might want to use the platform in your monitoring and evaluation processes, in your assessment visits and in your communications etc. Maybe it can be a topic to discuss at your next coordination meeting or webinar. Reach out to us if you would like to have a presentation, or if you need ideas or any tips.

If you want to see more of the planned features be available sooner and want to partner with us to bring it to a reality please contact Alex on

Get in touch with us if you don’t understand something, have a great idea about how to make it better or want to partner with us to make it even better.

We are all about FEEDBACK!