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Call for Loop Board Members

Call for Loop Board Members

Loop aims to enable the participation revolution in the humanitarian and development sector.

Our Vision is for People in need around the world to have a say in the services they receive so that the services are more timely, appropriate and of higher quality, thus attracting increased funding.

Our Mission is to enable people to share their feedback in an open, transparent and real time manner so that their voices can be heard, responded to and have an impact on current and/ or future services.

We want to be accountable to affected populations and are establishing a Board to help charter that course.  Can you help us? 

Our board will be made up of five to seven experienced, qualified and visionary leaders from contexts where humanitarian and development services are delivered on a frequent basis.

We need all Board members to have the following fundamental skill sets.

  • Experience of being affected by or involved in humanitarian or development responses
  • Understanding of how the sector operates and passionate about making improvements
  • Leadership qualities
  • Able to live up to the values of Loop – listen first, place people in need at the centre and have humility
  • Honest – clean record, security check etc
  • Available for conference calls every 2 months

We need to have the following specific skills covered by at least one representative on the Board:

  • Represent each of the following regions: Africa, MENA, Asia Pacific and South America
  • Skills and experience working with technology
  • Skills and experience working in grass roots membership organisations
  • Legal knowledge
  • Experience on a Board

Loop is a charity and there will be no reimbursement of costs to attend conference calls.

If you have more questions after visiting, or are interested in applying, please send a CV to Alex at alex@