What is loop-old

What is Loop?

A tech enabled, global platform for people to feedback on the humanitarian and development Aid that they have received. It is a space for conversations to happen that will improve lives and change behaviour at scale.

The platform will result in:

  • People being able to raise their voice safely, have their questions answered promptly, and feel able to participate.
  • Service providers being able to: use peoples feedback to adapt services to better meet the needs of their users; use
  • Loop data to inform communications to address rumours; motivate staff and benefit from improved coordination.
  • Donors will have an increased understanding of field realities and trends, have additional data to inform their accountability mechanisms and decision making and ultimately get a better return on their investments.

The sector having enhanced levels of transparency and engagement (listening and learning) between all stakeholders (people, service providers, donors). This will result in additional data that can contribute to more data-driven decision making and ultimately be one part of a new accountability paradigm where people-level impact is given equal weight to financial accountability.

Four Design Principles:

Decentralised Control
Open Data
Open Dialogue
Our Voices, Our Governance

The Loop platform features
Send feedback
when there is connectivity

Text messages
following a digital cash distribution, to request feedback

Free messaging systems
WhatsApp, Messenger, Facebook Lite...

Website in English, French, Spanish and Arabic.

of reply to your message

Voice to text
on how many people read, liked or responded to feedback.