Why is Loop different

Why is Loop different?

Loop is different to anything currently in the sector because:

Loop is based on open principles of transparency, so all feedback, approved by a moderator, is available for anyone to see and engage with.

Loop is driven by local populations who can give feedback on anything important to them at any time, whether they have been asked to or not.

Loop can scale, because it does not rely on having field staff present.

Loop can be accessed through a wide variety of channels: SMS, USSD, free messenger services (WhatsApp, IMO, Facebook messenger...), emails. Loop is available anywhere there is text messaging of any kind or internet access.

Loop is independent and is a sector/ context wide tool. Refugees, youth, health facilities and emergency responders, among others, can all use Loop to enhance their current approaches.

Loop is there before, during and after a crisis and is not dependent on or competing for project or emergency response funding.

Loop is designed to be complementary to other existing feedback mechanisms, especially those which are face to face.

We don't think organisations or donors should replace anything else with Loop. We believe organisations and donors should work to incorporate Loop as one additional part of their commitment to localisation, decolonisation, accountability to affected populations and community engagement strategies.