What would I get

What would I get if I use Loop?

How would it feel for a local citizen?

In a cash distribution:

  • I receive a notification on my phone about having received a cash distribution.
  • I am invited to feedback through Loop.
  • Through Loop, I share that there are cash shortages at the bank.
  • It is resolved and I report this.

Word of mouth

  • A friend tells me about Loop.
  • I test it by providing positive feedback about the new school books.
  • I get 7 likes and one reply from my teacher.
  • 6 months later I feedback on the hygiene kits distributed after the floods and how I had to pay for it.

No access to tech

  • I hear about Loop from my friends at the market.
  • A woman at my community savings group shows me how to feedback.
  • I go to the phone agent on the street and help my Mum to feedback about her special needs as a blind person.

Real representation

  • I am an LGBQT+ person in Uganda.
  • I can not feedback on my experiences in open forums.
  • But I can safely feedback, anonymously using Loop from my bedroom.

Reporting a Safeguarding issue

  • I want to make a complaint about abuse but I am not sure who to speak to or if I am safe.
  • I hear about Loop at the women's rights centre. They used the Loop tool to talk about my rights on line.
  • I can go on the platform and report something anonymously. I can share my contact information. I can ask for it not to go on the platform.
  • They can gather trends on abuse, and refer it on to the right people safely.

How would it feel for the service providers?

Staff in the field

  • I fill in a quick form about my project and I sign up my areas of interest
  • I respond to email alerts about my project from my computer or smart phone anywhere.
  • I course correct projects based on feedback.
  • I report on trending topics in coordination meetings.
  • I report on levels of engagement and ‘fix rates’ in donor reports.
  • I get weekly bulletins of feedback and trending reports on my areas of interest

HQ based manager

  • I learn about realities in the field.
  • I champion a culture of engagement.
  • After a field trip I feedback to say thanks.
  • I use feedback on social media, advertising and new applications to highlight the great work and impact.
  • I use the interactive map to see who is doing what where

How would it feel for a Donor?

Individual donor

  • I find trending information on the platform I use to make donations (eg: Give Directly).
  • I look into communication threads related to what I am funding to better understand the reality.

Institutional donor

  • When I am reviewing a proposal I can research the organisations engagement and existing programs.
  • I might require organisations to include Loop as one element of m&e plans (% of beneficiaries that represent target population - gender, disability etc - feedback).
  • I use the interactive map to see who is doing what where.
  • I get weekly news bulletins about trending data for areas (Geographic or thematic) I am working on

How would it feel for

a researcher
a technical expert
a think tank
an advocacy group?


  • I am interested in best practice in Micro Economic Initiatives.
  • I request data analysis from Loop to identify where there is positive feedback and where there are more concerns.
  • This helps focus the design of my indepth research to inform best practice.


  • I am a Civil Society organisation and see the EU gave a large grant to WHO for community awareness raising of polio vaccinations.
  • I see on Loop that local organisations tend to get more positive feedback than INGOs in this area.
  • I use this data in my advocacy.

Health expert

  • I see diarrhoea and vomiting trending on Loop in a Cholera prone area.
  • I dig deeper to see if it is an early warning sign.